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A report commissioned in August 2012 on our wall paintings can be found here  At this time we have been unable to move forward with the proposed work.

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The Union Flag from the Oxfordshire Repatriation Garden was handed over to Rev James Maddern in a ceremony
during the 9.15 am service in St Britius on 12 April 2015. 

Cllr Norman MacRae, MBE, Chairman of West Oxfordshire District Council spoke as follows:

"Rev James, Deputy Lieutenant, Chairman of the Parish
Council, ladies and gentlemen.

The flag presented today, is the Union Flag that has graced the Memorial Garden since day 1, with the exception of the actual day of a Repatriation when the flag that was used at the then Wotton Basset ceremonial is used.

The Memorial Garden, being sited as it is in your parish, has become an important, if not vital part of the Repatriation Day, providing a place where regimental colleagues, friends, family and the members of the public of this District and beyond can come together and pay their respect and compliments to the fallen and their families.

Today is, for me, and l am sure many of you, a day tinged with both sadness and gratitude!  Sadness in that we need a place to greet our fallen service personnel; a son or daughter; a mother or father; a brother or sister who has lost their life service this country of ours.  Gratitude in that we, as a District, have provided a place where all can come and show support.

l am acutely conscious of the part your parish plays on Repatriation Day. As already mentioned, the Memorial Garden is here, but you do more than that. l know you stand in respect along Brize Norton Road paying respect; refreshment is provided in your public house. For all of that, as Chairman of your District Council, l give you all, each and every one residing here, my heartfelt thanks, on behalf of not only myself, but of each and every member of each and every family of the fallen
returned here.

Returning to the present day. The Afghan conflict for our troops is now over. The Union Flag that has flown at the Memorial Garden has become worn, faded and torn and needing replacing. It is fitting that it be replaced. It was obvious to me that the appropriate resting place for this symbol should be in its parish church - here in St Britius.  Accordingly, please accept this flag and all that it has represented over the years."

Our two pictures show the framed display that will be mounted below the Union Flag to explain its origin and purpose and the assembled group at the handing over service.  Pictured are Mr Brian Crossland Deputy Lieutenant Oxfordshire holding the display, Cllr Norman MacRae holding the Union Flag, Mrs Maxine Crossland Deputy Chair West Oxfordshire District Council to the left of her husband, Rev James Maddern, Mr Michael Henderson Royal British Legion and Mr Alex Postan Brize Norton and Shilton Ward District Councillor and his wife to the right.  Others present included Cllr Keith Glazier, Chair of Brize Norton Parish Council and Mrs Lynne Shuker, British Legion Repatriation Liaison Officer, and members of the congregation of St Britius








St Britius Church lies in the centre of Brize Norton village. The present church is Norman with 13th century additions. It was refurbished in 1868 with many Victorian embellishments. The tower contains a ring of six bells that need re-hanging and for safety’s sake cannot be rung. The church is a Grade II* listed building and is considered to be in a reasonable state of repair. The Methodist Church is closed.

St Britius Church serves as the Parish Church with a small congregation. There are 24 people on the church electoral roll, with a strong contingent who live in Carterton, and there have been between 35 and 45 people for several years. The congregation swells to over 70 at festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

Church Services are held every Sunday and every Wednesday.  On the first Sunday of each month we hold a Family Service at 9.15 am and a 1662 Communion Service is held at 6 pm.  On the other Sundays we have Holy Communion at 9.15 a.m.  An evensong is held at 6 p.m., on the second and fourth Sundays of the month,  Midweek Eucharist is held on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. Special services are held during the year. The organ is played at Sunday and special services.

Sunday Club meets during term time,  On the first Sunday of the month it joins in the service whilst on other Sunday Sunday Club meets in the vestry and the children join the Holy Communion Service towards the end of the service for a blessing.  Sunday Club has a Christmas Party and a Summer Outing, the children get involved in craft and other activites.

The Church uses the “Common Worship Traditional English Rite” which is the same as “Holy Communion Order One in Traditional Language” for the Holy Eucharist. Our hymn book is “Hymns Old and New”, New Anglican Edition.

The graveyard adjacent to the church is closed, whilst the extension on the other side of the road is in use.







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