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Celebrating Children

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Our school mission statements is,

belonging, learning and succeeding.

At the start of the year, all of the teachers and children worked together to decide the shared values that were important to us. These values underpin all the work we do in school and are shown in our school ethos, often commented on by visitors.
Each term our assemblies are linked to our values. Each week, the teachers and Mr Smith give special stickers to children who have been working hard to remember the values we feel are important in our school.

Shared Values



At the end of each week we have a special celebration assembly. The teachers choose children to receive awards who have been working hard to remember our school rules and shared values. These children get a special sticker and a named star is added to a celebration balloon in the school hall.

We praise the good behaviour of children in Year 1 to 6 using a scheme called 'Good to be Green'.  

When a child shows that they are demonstrating good behaviour choices, are living by our shared values and keeping the school and class rules, they can be rewarded with a privilege card by a member of staff.

When a child has received three privilege cards they may choose a privilege to share with a friend from the list decided upon by the class at the start of each term.

When a child has received twelve privilege cards they are given a 'Good to be Green' certificate in our end of week celebration assembly.

Parents are invited to attend one celebration assembly each term.