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On Monday 5th March we were visited by an Eco-schools assessor to assess us against the Green Flag standard. Following a morning in school talking with the eco-team and looking at evidence, the assessor decided to revalidate or green flag. She looked very closely at our work overall number of areas including energy conservation, waste management, bio-diversity, global partnerships and transport. The assessor was particularly impressed with how we have embedded eco themes within the curriculum. This award lasts for two years. Thank you to Miss Kerr and the eco-team




This term the eco-team are working hard to have our green flag revalidated. They have set a comprehensive action plan covering:

  • Waste Management

  • Transport

  • Energy

  • Global Links

  • Health

  • Bio-diversity

See our action plan here.







On 8th March Alan from the Green Zone visited us to talk about waste management and the three Rs. One of the things that amazed us was the fact that it would take 1000 years for a carrier bag to decompose. Each class had an eco workshop making bags and pizza box ovens. It was great fun!  





Our Eco-code

We try to save energy where we can,

We walk when possible, trying to avoid using our car or van,

We reduce our rubbish, putting things in the right bin,




We love all wildlife and encourage them in,

We care for other countries as well as our own,

We make sure we think green and stay in the ECO zone!




6th MARCH 2012


As part of our 'How are we responsible for our world?' theme, Class 1 have been taking part in the 'Living Eggs' project. On Tuesday 6th March we had an incubator and eggs delivered and by Wednesday we already had six chicks hatching. It was amazing for the children to watch. The children are now going to help look after them for the next fortnight before they are returned. Read more at





This term we have been busy planting bulbs for the spring. We have planted a range of daffodil and tulip bulbs with Colin. We have also been busy planting winter bedding plants in the garden.






November is the time where we think extra hard about the amount of energy we use. This year we have joined the Stark Energy Pilot and are using handheld devices to monitor the energy we use. During Switch Off Fortnight we are going to try extra hard to turn off the electricity when we are not using it and will see what a difference this makes to the amount we use





At the beginning of May we saw some new chicks start their school life. Our three chicks were born unexpectedly to the delight of all the children. We thank our parent helpers for their continual support in caring for our extended school family!





To celebrate National Cycle to School Week all of the children brought their bikes or scooters to school to take part in a sponsored ride. This event was organised by the School Council who are raising money for a climbing wall and new playground equipment. The School Council also encouraged the children to think about the health benefits of cycling to school, while the Eco-team taught us about the environmental benefits.





22 May 2009


On Friday 22nd May the whole school took part in a BIG TIDY UP of our village. During the day each classes went on a litter pick around the village in support of the National campaign. It was very exciting and we managed to clear rubbish from most of the roads in the village. It was amazing the things we found including, hub caps and a tin of paint. We would like to thank those parents and village residents who support us in improving our village.

During the day we also had a visit from the Wild Waste outreach team. Each class made something out of rubbish. Class 1 and 2 made envelopes, Class 3 made gift bags and Class 4 made wallets using juice cartoons. This was great fun.






26TH MARCH 2009



As part of the topic Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Class 2 spent the day planting in the school garden. We all looked at the different types of flower and vegetable seeds that can be grown and how to plant and take care of them. We have planted some seeds in trays to be grown in the poly tunnel and others have been planted straight into the vegetable patch. We are hoping to use our produce to do some cooking at the end of the school year. We are even growing some purple carrots! Thank you to those parents who helped us.






As part of our Green Flag targets to reduce the amount of energy we use in school and at home we had an Energy Superhero day. All of the children and staff came to school dressed as energy superheros. They had to research their energy type and present who they were and why in an assembly.

Throughout the day we held workshops in school with groups mixed from different classes. We calculated how much energy we needed to power a light bulb, made wind socks and many other things. The eco-team worked with all classes to produce an energy pledge. We also took carbon calculators home. How much energy have you saved?










This term we have had a bulb planting day in school. Each class had a sack of daffodil bulbs to plant either in the ground or in planters. It was hard work, especially digging under the trees!





This term Miss Perkins has begun her Forest School training. From half term all of the children will make a weekly visit to a woodland site in the village to carry out their learning. Miss Perkins and the children are very excited! Keep reading to find out more...

Forest School builds on the natural instinct to learn that everybody is born with. It offers opportunities to make choices, initiate learning and take risks, and encourages positive attitudes and behaviour. The concept was developed in Scandinavia, and operates on the principle that children of all ages benefit from the learning opportunities present in a woodland environment. Forest School sessions are practical. They emphasise the development of self-esteem, communication and social skills, personal responsibility and citizenship. These skills feedback positively into other work in schools and settings. Forest School sessions link to all areas of the curriculum.






The Eco-Team are pleased to announce that we have achieved the Silver Eco-Schools standard. Over the year we have been working hard to achieve our three targets:

1. To make the school grounds a great place for learning
2. To cut down on the amount of waste we create in school
3. To reduce the amount of energy we use in school.

All staff and children have worked hard to achieve our targets. Next year we are aiming for the Eco-Schools Green Flag. You can find out more information here.




20 JUNE 2008


On Friday Class 4 made an exciting discovery when they went to feed the chickens. They noticed two tiny chicks pop their heads up from the nesting box. By Monday we had four chicks. The whole school are so excited!





2 JUNE 2008




This was an exciting week for all staff, children and helpers. Our BIG project for the week was to develop the school grounds for learning. This we did with the help of lots of parents and friends of the school. We all worked hard to clear the wildlife area; plant a butterfly garden and fern stumpery; we cleared the pond; planted new planters and created a herb and water garden amongst many other things.
In our classes we focused on the issue of Waste. We looked at how we can reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away and the damage that rubbish can do to the environment. Each class got to visit the Wild Waste Bus and we all made recycled paper. It was great fun! During the week each class went on a walk in the local area looking at natural species of plants and animals. We had a brilliant week and would like to thank the people who gave up their time to come and help us. Special thanks also to local businesses who generously made donations towards this project.





The Eco-Schools international programme provides a simple framework to enable our school to become more environmentally aware. Brize Norton Primary School is committed to educating children about looking after their local environment and how this can have a wider impact on looking after the world. Brize Norton has been awarded an Eco-school bronze award in 2006/2007 and will be working towards a Silver award in 2007/2008.

Our Eco Team

Class 4           Ben and BJ

Class 3       Bella, Josh and William

Class 2           Chloe, Alex and Kayleigh

The team meet once a week to evaluate the progress we are making towards targets in our eco-schools plan. They decide what we need to do next and how each class can be involved.

Our Eco-code

The Eco-team are currently choosing our Eco-code following our whole school competition. Thank you to all those children who entered. We ahd some great entries and it was so difficult to decide.


Our Eco Priorities

1. Make the school grounds a great place for learning.

So far this year, we have planted a new hedge in the school grounds. We have looked at our topics to include more outside learning. We are planning to have all classes using the vegetable garden and also want to develop the wildlife habitats we have in our school grounds.




2. Cut down on the amount of stuff we throw away and the waste we create in school

In each classroom we have special bins for recycling and compost waste. We recycle all of our fruit waste each day in Roly Pig and are planning to use the compost we make on the vegetable garden. We have joined Recycool, a community recycling project.



3. Cut down on the amount of energy we use in our school.

This term we have set up energy monitors in each class. They have the job of making sure lights, computers and taps are turned off when not in use, and making sure doors are kept closed during the winter months.

The eco-team have been designing persuasive posters to remind the rest of the school to save energy. They have been reading the electricity and gas meters each wee to see how much energy we are saving.







Help the environment and raise money for our school by recycling. Office materials that normally end up in the bin - toner and printer cartridges, and old mobile phones - can be recycled to raise valuable cash for us. So if you are guilty of throwing away old inkjet cartridges and other recyclable office materials, read on!

Brize Norton School has signed up to the leading recycling programme Recycool, a scheme that will help boost school funds and divert products from landfill. Every time you donate a cartridge or old mobile phone to us for the Recycool programme, the school will receive a cash donation.

So please put your old mobile phones, inkjet and toner printer cartridges to one side. A Recycling box will be available in the library after the half term holidays.

You will be helping the environment and helping our fundraising. What’s more, it won’t cost you a penny.

(Please note: Recycool does not accept Epson inkjet cartridges).

If you want to find out more see:




12 MAY 2008



During Walk to School Week we have been thinking about the benefits of travelling to school other than in the car. The week started with two visitors. Class 4 had a special visit from the Road Safety Team and had to think about 'staying safe' in the local area. Our second visitor showed us the reasons why we need to wear cycle helmets. He helped check that our helmets fitted properly. Over the week we are going to be learning how walking can help our bodies and the environment. Visit the Walk to School Website here.

Link for website




27 NOVEMBER 2007



On Tuesday 27th November, the whole school took part in a hedge planting day. We planted a low level hedge along the fence between the school field and the recreation ground. This hedge is made up of Hawthorn, Dogwood, Hazel, Wayfaring Tree, Guelder Rose, Spindle and Field Maple. We have used a range of natural species, as we aim to use this hedge to support the development of the outdoor curriculum. All classes were involved with planting during the day. A big thank you to those parents who came to help. We look forward to watching our hedge grow and change over the seasons and years.