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We are delighted that our school has been awarded the International School Award once again. This award is  recognition for the work we all do to promote the international dimension in school and across the curriculum. Well done everyone!





Brize Norton Primary School recognises the importance of equipping our pupils to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. A programme of global learning is essential because the lives of our children are being constantly informed and shaped by events around the world. We have a responsibility to develop in our pupils the knowledge, skills and values they need to be able to understand and participate in the world around them. A global learning programme helps pupils think critically and creatively, develop self-awareness and a positive attitude to difference, allowing them to become responsible citizens.
Through the creative curriculum at our school, we make opportunities for all children to learn about different countries and cultures. We aim for them to develop a full sense of identity, understanding the wider groups that we belong to.

Brize Norton Primary School works in partnership with other schools in the UK, in Europe and in Africa. Our current partnerships are:

  • Church Cowley St James CE Primary School, Oxford

  • A Comenius Project with schools in France, Spain, Germany and Poland

  • Kibanga Primary School, Uganda

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15TH-19TH JUNE 2009

From the 15th to 19th June we held our International Week. During the week we got an insight in to what it would be like to live in another country. We also looked at how our community is similar and different to others in the UK. This developed our understanding of Britain as a multi-cultural society.

To start the week Mr Smith held workshops with all classes in the hall. We worked in groups on six activities. These included thinking about what we would see in a country in Africa, why people in the world are hungry, as well as sorting holiday photographs into those we thought were taken in the UK and in India. We got some surprises here!

On Wednesday we had visit from an artist from Ghana. He told us a story about how the first drum was made. We then all made a tie dye cloth. These are going to be hung in the hall. It was great fun and we did not make too much mess!

On Thursday and Friday, Tammy kindly cooked us an African and European meal. These were very tasty. During the week all classes cooked meals from the countries they were studying. The smell throughout the school was delicious!

On Friday we were visited by an African drumming group, Tribal Vibes. Each class took part in a drumming workshop. It was amazing! At the end of the day we held a performance outside for the whole school and parents. We got to dance and sing.

Janet Payne also visited from the Energy Team. She held workshops in each class looking at the effects of climate change. Some children commented this was the best week ever! See more photos here.




JULY 2009

In July of 2009 we were awarded the International School Award in recognition of our work in promoting the global dimension across the school. This is a fantastic achievement which we hope to build upon over the coming year by strengthening our Uganda partnership and through the Comenius Project with schools in France, Germany, Spain and Poland