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At our school we look after and care for each other. We all agree it is important to respect each other, treat each other fairly and when we make mistakes be honest about them.

We always try to use kind words and actions.

We have agreed that bullying is very different to falling out with friends, when something happens which is an accident or when there is an isolated incident of someone being unkind or hurting someone else.

We have all agreed that bullying is behaviour that is:

* Persistent (Repeated over time)

* Deliberate (Intentional)

* Targeted (Aimed at the same person)

Our agreed definition of bullying is: 'Behaviour by an individual or a group, repeated over time which intentionally hurts another person either physically or emotionally'.

If you ever think you are being bullied it is very important that you tell a teacher.

To help understand what to do if you feel you are being bullied, read our guide for children written by children HERE.



Think U Know is a brilliant website for to find out all about Internet Safety.

Hector's World - Ages 5 - 7

Lee and Kim's Adventures - Ages 7 - 9

Think U Know Cyber Cafe - Ages 8 - 11

Other Internet Safety Websites

CBBC Stay Safe - SMART Internet Rules

Kid Smart KS2 - Lot to learn for children in Class 3 and 4

Newsround - Guide to safe surfing

E-Safety Games - Beat the clock in these exciting e-safety games!

Parents Guide to Internet Hosting

Metropolitan Police on Internet Safety


Searching for a picture for your homework?

This website is brilliant and safe for finding pictures, sounds and videos to use in your work. Click the magnifying glasses to start searching.


360 Degree Safe

We have begun auditing our e-safety provision at Brize Norton Primary School using the 360 Degree Safe Self Review Framework.

We have lots to do to become more e-safe, but here's our first certificate which shows that we have made this commitment.





The following sites al provide hours of fun as well as important safety lessons

Road Safety

Traffic Club - A fab road safety website for younger children

Safety Club  Lots of road safety games to play

Streetwise - How streetwise are you?

Stop, Look, Listen - Can you find a safe place to cross?

Hector's Home - Road safety fun

Fire Safety

Fire Safety - How good will you be at the online quiz?

Don't Give Fire a Home - Play Survivor - practise escaping from a burning building

Kids Direct - What do firefighters do?

Welephant - Help Welephant put out the fires!


Electrical Safety

Switched on Kids - Do you know how to use electricity safely?

Think Safe - Learn about the journey of electricity and how to stay safe



Home Safety - Can you spot the dangers?

CBBC - Videos to help you understand bullying

Safety Games - Tons of safety games to play

Hazard Hunter - Can you find all the hazards



If you are worried about something, you can always talk to any of the adults who work in school - they will always be there to listen to you and help you.

You can also use the worry box in your classroom to leave a message for your teacher.


Other helplines: