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2011 - 12 HEADLINES



18TH JULY 2012

As another school year draws to an end, we say best wishes to all our Year 6 children as they make the exciting move to secondary school. On Wednesday we enjoyed an emotional church service with all of the children sharing their memories of Brize Norton Primary School and their hopes for the future. All of the staff would like to thank the Year 6 children for being a wonderful class and wish them all the very best for the future. See more photos here.



10TH JULY 2012

On Tuesday, we managed to dodge the rain and enjoyed our annual sports day. We all enjoyed the flat races, egg and spoon and sack races. As always our parents proved as competitive as ever in the parent races. See more photos here.



JULY 2012

For the last three weeks of term David Tusuubira, the headteacher of Kibanga Primary School in Uganda, visited us. It was an amazing three weeks, in which time we learnt so much from each other. David enjoyed a day out in London with Year 5 and 6, got truly involved in sports day and enjoyed the teaching he did at our school. Our younger children enjoyed learning about how many everyday items are made from natural products such as palm and banana fibre while our older children put their skills to the test in weaving mats - this was much harder than it looked! This visit marks the end of the fourth year of our partnership with Kibanga Primary School. We loved sharing all of the work that the Ugandan students had produced for our joint art project and are looking forward to another exciting project next year. See more photos here.



5 JULY 2012

On Thursday 5th July Class 4 went to London to see Shrek the Musical. We left school very early and travelled to London by bus and train. We visited The Natural History Museum before enjoying the stage production of Shrek. Finally we walked along the Thames to take in some sights and eventually got home at 10pm. It was a long but brilliant day. See more photos here.



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This term our whole school wondering will be, ‘What can be achieved?’ This topic focuses on the Olympics and Paralympic Games. We will be learning about the history of the Olympic Games and comparing the ancient and modern games. We will be thinking about the achievements of athletes both sporting achievements and otherwise. This will focus on some of the Human Rights and ethical issues surrounding the Olympic Games.

We will be introducing the seven Olympic and Paralympic values (courage, determination, inspiration, equality, respect, friendship and excellence). Over the term we will asking children to show these values in their daily life and will be awarding certificates and medals over the term.



31ST MAY 2012

On 31st May we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. All of the children came to school in 1950s dress. We started the day with an assembly; watching the coronation and learning all about the events of the day. Throughout the day we all took part in a range of Jubilee related games and in the afternoon the Year 6 children organised and ran a 1950s games rotation. The rain stayed away and we enjoyed a wonderful party lunch outside. To commemorate the Jubilee we planted an oak tree and the Parish Council gave each child a beautiful commemorative mug. We all had a great day! See more photos here



Over the term all of the children have worked with the artist Bryony McCombe to create a spectacular sculpture. The children looked at palaces from around the world and from works of fiction. They then designed and made their own palace using mainly brown and white card. It looks fantastic! See more photos here



4th MAY 2012

On Friday 4th May Class 3 and 4 visited London as part of our Jubilee project. First we visited the National Portrait Gallery where Class 3 took part in a workshop all about the Victorians and Class 4 investigated Tudor life through a range of portraits. We were all hanging on the edge of our seats as the gallery guides told us tales of Kings, Queens and famous people. After we had finished at the gallery, we walked through St James's Park to Buckingham Palace. The flag was flying above the palace and some of us thought we could see the Queen in one of the bedroom windows! We had a fantastic day out. See more photographs here.



18th APRIL 2012

On 18th April we held our annual BIG breakfast. Once again this was a great success with breakfast shared by families and friends, including the Over 60s, WI and Parish Council . Tammy cooked a wonderful breakfast of bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, eggs and beans. Others preferred the continental option enjoying crossiants, cereal, yoghurt, fruit and toast. Some went for both! See more pictures here.




5th MARCH 2012

On Monday 5th March we were visited by an Eco-schools assessor to assess us against the Green Flag standard. Following a morning in school talking with the eco-team and looking at evidence, the assessor decided to revalidate or green flag. She looked very closely at our work overall number of areas including energy conservation, waste management, bio-diversity, global partnerships and transport. The assessor was particularly impressed with how we have embedded eco themes within the curriculum. This award lasts for two years. Thank you to Miss Kerr and the eco-team



6th MARCH 2012

As part of our 'How are we responsible for our world?' theme, Class 1 have been taking part in the 'Living Eggs' project. On Tuesday 6th March we had an incubator and eggs delivered and by Wednesday we already had six chicks hatching. It was amazing for the children to watch. The children are now going to help look after them for the next fortnight before they are returned. Read more at




1ST MARCH 2012

On Thursday 1st March Adam Gullain, a storyteller, visited our school. In assembly, Adam told us one of his stories, The Hatmaker and the Chimps, it was very funny. During the day Adam told each class a different story using music and actions - he made them very exciting! We had to draw a story map in seven minutes and then used our maps to retell the story using the HEAR-MAP-STEP-SPEAK storytelling technique. By the end of the day we were all bursting to write the stories. See more photos here.




On Monday 27th February we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. This marked the start of our book and drama week to celebrate World Book Day. Later in the week we are looking forward to a visit from a storyteller.


This term we have been practising the art of storytelling to help improve our writing. To celebrate National Storytelling Week, we all looked at the Hans Christian Andersen classic, 'The Tinderbox'. Mrs Cox told the story in assembly and we then create story maps to help with our own retelling. Each class focused on retelling the story at an appropriate level. Over a fortnight we carried out many fun activities to get to know the characters and the plot of the story. We finished by working on innovating part of the story and sharing our own versions in an end of week assembly. See more photos here.