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Here is the text from the December 2006 Newsletter
Published here with permission of the Parish Council.



December 2006  

Issue no. 110


Once again we are nearing the end of the year and arrangements for Christmas and New Year will be uppermost in most people’s minds. The end of November however produced two unwelcome events. Firstly the heavy rain of Saturday 25 November caused flooding to several areas of the village. Secondly it appears that Stagecoach have decided not to run buses through Brize Norton village.


The Parish Council continue to work to obtain improvements to drainage to protect property and ensure that water is cleared from roads. On Friday the 23 November 2006 an on site meeting took place between a representative of the Parish Council and representatives of West Oxford District Council, Oxfordshire County Council (Roads and Bridges) and the Environment Agency. Two main problem areas had been identified as giving major cause for concern (a) Junction of Kilkenny Lane/Burford Road, and (b) the Southern end of the village from 99 Station Road to the area of the end of the runway of RAF Brize Norton. Watercourses to the east and west of the village were also included in the discussions. On Saturday 25 November 2006 following heavy rain, flooding again occurred in the two areas mentioned above. Problems have been identified as collapsed drains in the Kilkenny Lane/Burford Road area and further work will be required to rectify and improve the drainage in that area. The southern end of the village has three major problems which contributed to the flooding. (1) Drains and sewers were pouring water out onto the road. (2) The drainage ditches to the East and West of the village were originally spring fed streams that were not designed to carry water from large residential and industrial units and consequently do not cope with the surcharge of water that they now receive. (3) Additional water now appears to be running off from the airfield/runway. In addition to these 3 areas of concern a grill was blocked where the Western drainage ditch enters RAF Brize Norton and a pinch point has been identified in the ditch on the Eastern side of the village.

West Oxford District Council and the Oxfordshire County Council will address the problems of road drainage and the Environment Agency will address the problems with the drainage ditches. In addition the Royal Air Force will clear the blocked grill and have called in a drainage specialist to resolve problems with run off of water from the airfield.

If you have experienced problems with flooding please inform the Parish Clerk in writing.


At the time of writing the situation of reduced or non-existent buses is still under investigation. The Parish Council has not been advised or consulted on any proposed changes to the bus service. Changes to the bus service are to be effective from Sunday the 10th of December. Information issued by Stagecoach is either unclear or it appears to be misleading. A new bus stop is proposed at the roundabout at the junction of the new Carterton Slip road and the Minister Lovell Road. This appears to be a most unlikely site to have a bus stop. In the words of Stagecoach Quote “A new temporary stop will be located at Minster Road roundabout, providing a stop for residents of Brize Norton to catch the X1”. A phone call was made to Stagecoach on the 29th November pointing out that there was no mention of Brize Norton on the newly published timetables for any service. Was this an oversight or are the Curbridge directed buses still routed through Brize Norton. At the time of writing no reply has been received from Stagecoach to clarify the situation.

Should you wish to contact Stagecoach their customer services telephone number is 01865 77 22 50.

Children's Play Area

On a happier note the new children’s play park was eventually completed albeit a few weeks late. To all those parishioners and businesses who donated so generously to the project please accept the grateful thanks of your Parish Council and I feel sure that of the children.

And finally on behalf of all Parish Councillors may I wish you a “Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Peaceful new Year”.

K A Glazier


We would like to say a big thank you to RAF Brize Norton, Brize Norton Primary School Association and AK Timms and Sons for their donations towards the new play park, we are very grateful. We would also like to thank 5A’s Tool and Plant Hire for the use of their equipment for the clearance of the old equipment from the play park. Thank you to you all.


Our ”Swing into Autumn” Dance and Supper was again a great success. As a result of the generosity of the 57 Swing Band playing for us for free and Colin and Di Dawes of Foxbury Farm providing delicious food at cost we were able to help the Church with much needed funds. Many thanks to the 57 Swing Band, Foxbury Farm and everyone who helped to make the evening go with a swing! The band and hall are already booked for Saturday 29 September 2007, so please put this date in your diary for next year!

All the food from the two Harvest Services was taken to the Porch Shelter in Oxford. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

We are now at the stage of submitting detailed plans for putting water and toilet facilities into the Church Tower to the appropriate authorities. We are grateful for all the help we have received to raise the money for this from the Friends of St Britius and the whole village. Fund raising continues with a whist drive on Friday 24 November at 7.30 pm in the Elderbank Hall and a Tea Dance on the afternoon of Sunday 10th December.

Our Christmas Services start on Sunday 17 December with a Candlelit Carol Service at 6pm. The nine lessons will be read by representatives of village organisations and all children are welcome to come dressed as shepherds, angels, wise men, etc, for the nativity tableau. Please contact Carolyn Peach on 844102 for more details of the nativity tableau. Coffee and hot mince pies will be served after the service.

Candlelit Midnight Mass will be at 11.30pm on Xmas Eve and there will be a combined Family Service and Holy Communion at 9.15am on Xmas Day. Roy asks the children to bring a present that they have received with them to show!

The Sunday Club will hold their Christmas Party on Saturday 13 January in the Elderbank Hall, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm.

Our Christingle Service will be held on Sunday 28 January at 4pm. We hope to decorate the oranges in School on the Friday afternoon before.

Roy, Roger, Richard, the Churchwardens and members of the DCC wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas.


We meet on Thursday evenings. We cater for beginners and advanced dancers in Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence dances. We also run tea dances on the last Sunday of the month:

Sunday November 26th  Arthur Tipper at the organ
Sunday December 10th Party tea dance with wine and mince pies 
Mark at the keyboard
2.30 till 4.30pm £2.50 includes refreshments. Profits will go to the Church Tower project. New members most welcome, contact Joy.

Thanks to Mabel and Jean for providing the teas.

Joy Douglas


Brize Norton Village pre-school runs Monday to Friday in the Elderbank Hall. We cater for two and a half to five year olds. This term we have more than 20 children filling both full and part time places. We have recently elected a new committee and chair and are now working towards our Christmas celebrations.

If you would like to register your child on our waiting list, or you would like any other information about pre-school, or you think you may be able to help in some way, then please contact either of our new Chair people: Jackie Hampson 846964 or Helen Biro 843719, or we can be contacted on e-mail:

We also hire out the pre-school chairs and tables - ideal for birthday parties and events with several children in attendance....only £5 for as many as you need. Contact either of us for further details.

Please feel welcome to attend any of our social events, concerts or fundraisers....our Christmas fayre and concert is scheduled for Monday 11th December.


The WI has held three meetings this autumn including a visit from the wine manager of Waitrose who brought generous samples of her goodies for us to taste. These included a particularly rich dessert wine that would go down a treat with the Christmas pud.

In November Marion Holly talked on Painting on Glass, and one of our members, Barbara Stanton, brought along to show us the brooch she had been given for the quarter century of collections she has made on behalf of the Poppy Appeal. After our Christmas meeting and meal we shall be looking forward to Pat Clark's adventures when Sledging with Huskies. Any chance of a practical demonstration if we can lay on the snow, do you think?

Hazel Goldman


The club members have enjoyed our trips to Cogges Museum, the show '60 years of music', a meal at Wychwood Golf Club and shopping in Coventry. 51 members and friends enjoyed a coach holiday in Weston Super Mare.

Events to come:

November 17th Coffee morning
December 12th Party
January 16th Grace to entertain
January 19th "Beauty and the Beast" pantomime
February 6th Meal out
February 20th Bob Watts to talk to us
March 6th Morton market
March 12th-16th Holiday in Bournemouth
March 20th Coffee morning
April 3rd Trip out
April 17th Afternoon of games
May 1st Worcester by train

Any residents of Brize Norton are welcome to join.

Thank you to Carol, Edna and Benita for providing tea and sandwiches and June for home made cakes.

Joy Douglas


Have you got a baby/toddler/child between 0-5 years?

We are a small, friendly, parent run toddler group offering a wide range of toys and activities. Held in the Elderbank hall with additional outside space, there is a lot of room for toddlers to let off steam, get creative or simply have fun with other children. There is also a suitable area for less mobile babies.

We are trying to provide what you want and need from the group, by encouraging group singing, story time and a regular craft activity table. Children are free to participate in any activity.

We would love to see new faces, or the return of old ones, and hope you and your child will come along and see what toddler group has to offer.

Brize Norton Toddlers

Elderbank Hall

Tuesday (during term time) 1.15pm - 3.00pm

£1.50 per family

Call Helen Biro - 01993 843719 for more details or please just come along.


There is a charity in the village which gives a small amount to cash to widows and pensioners at Christmas time.

If you qualify and are not on my list, please let me know as soon as possible. 

If you don't tell me, I don't know.

Joy Douglas



Nowadays so much is written and spoken about education and a lot of criticism has been levelled at primary school education. I think those critics should visit our village on a school morning! As a 'golden oldie' I don't rise early and from my bedroom window often watch the children going to school. It is a real pleasure to see their happy, smiling faces as they scurry along. To me, having worked for the Local Education Authority for some sixteen years, their eagerness to attend school has far more significance than any government statistic! It also says a lot for the Head Teacher and her staff and they all should be proud of themselves.

Barbara Davies


Knowing how difficult it is to get a project like this off the ground let alone completed, I wanted to write in to congratulate and thank all those involved in the fundraising and creation of the new children's play park.

As a parent of two young children living in the village we have, as a family, already had lots of fun and spent a substantial amount of time at the play park and I am sure we will continue to do so for many years. I have to admit we were reluctant to see the wooden structures go, but the new park is great...bright colours and educational stimulus, a great layout and wide range of activities - it is all excellent.

Every time we visit the park it is being well used by different aged children able to play alongside one another easily....and I've seen many parents/carers enjoying it too!

Thanks to all those involved in the massive amount of fundraising and the co-ordination of receiving and then constructing all the equipment.

A Brize Norton Parent


Brize Norton Ladies Football Club is looking to hold a table top sale at Foxbury Farm in spring 2007. Any donations would be gratefully received. Please contact Sam Goodwin for more information on 01993 846827 or e-mail


'Yoga, Pure and Simple'

Enjoy the purity of Yoga,

Relax your body and calm your mind.

Develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Elderbank Village Hall

Wednesdays 1.15pm - 2.45pm

For further enquiries or to book a place call Sara on 01993 847320 or 07723 929182

Sara Coles

BWY Trained

All entries for inclusion in the March issue should be received by the 14th February.


Chairman: Keith Glazier (843640) Vice-Chairman: Christine Naus

Councillors:  E Conlan, F Bellinger, S Guest, G Griffin

Clerk to the Council: Mrs J Webb, 18 Chichester Place, Brize Norton (840890)

Parish Representatives:- 

Oxford County Council: Jim Couchman, Dovecot House, Langford (01367 860289). 

WODC: Verena Hunt, 2 Rocky Banks, Brize Norton (841853) 

Meetings held in the Pavilion, first Tuesday every month at 7.30 pm, all welcome to attend.


Organisation Contact Telephone No.
The Church Roy Turner 844175
The School Mrs Andrea Moss (Head) 842488
School Governors Tracy Barnett 850471
Football Club Fred Bellenger 841189
Ladies FC Sam Goodwin 846827
Cricket Club Tim Gush 846730
Elderbank Hall Diane Davies (Chairman) 843430
The Chequers Inn Keith or Jane 842379
Horticultural Show Chris Thorne 842013
Women’s Institute Anne Hancock 842197
Village Association Dave Gardner 843356
Post 0ffice Sports Pavilion Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30 pm
Police (Carterton) Mon-Tue 8.30-12.00 & 13.00-17.00
Fri close at 16.00
Over 60’s 1st Monday in the month 3.30-5.30 pm Joy Douglas



Judo Club Saturdays 9.30 am - 11.30 am Mr S Goddard 772988
Brownies Mondays 6 pm - 7.30 pm Mrs B Thorne 842013
Dancing Club Thursdays 7 pm - 10 pm Mrs J Douglas 842373
Badminton Mondays 8 pm - 10.30 pm Mrs Claridge 843196
Toddler Group Tuesdays 1.15 pm - 3.00 pm Helen Biro 843719
(3-5 years)
Mon - Fri 9 am - 12 noon Helen Biro or Jackie Hampson 843719
Women's Institute Second Tuesday
in the Month
7.30 pm - 10 pm Anne Hancock 842197
Karate Fridays  6.00 pm - 7.30 pm Matt Webb 840890
Yoga Wednesdays 1.15 pm - 2.45 pm Sara Coles 847320


The Hall is available for Private Hire Contact:- Mrs Diane Davies on 843430

The Sports Pavilion is available for Private Hire:- Joe Webb 840890


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