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Here is the text from the latest newsletter (June 2005).  
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June 2005  

Issue no. 105


At the time of writing, 13 May, there is a bitter East wind blowing. It is changeover time of the seasons with the soccer season ending and the summer sports beginning, already there has been a game of cricket held in the village. The sports field has been cut and a special thank you to Fred Bellenger for all his hard work. Work has also been carried out repairing the wear and tear on the grass and preparing the cricket square for the new season. All of the allotments are in use and a few hardy souls have made a very determined start on their plots.

The Village Annual Assembly was held in the Elderbank Hall, it was fairly well attended but it would have been good to see some of the younger members of the village in attendance. Presentations were made by Stephen Hayward County Councillor, Verena Hunt WODC Councillor and Tracy Barnett for the Village School Governors. PC Rod Lovegrove represented Thames Valley Police and stated that he would be providing a ’clinic’ service in the village, frequency and timings will be displayed on the village notice boards when finalised.

Information on the future development at RAF Brize Norton is starting to materialise. The first contact the Parish Council received was from a developer who will be carrying out the construction of a new hanger. Viewed from the village this new hanger will be in front of the very large hanger that can already be seen from the sports field area. The construction company are offering to re- enforce the hedgerow at the bottom of the sports field. An on site meeting is being arranged with a representative of the company. No doubt the choice of trees will be discussed. Should we opt for indigenous trees i.e. Horse Chestnut, Beech or Copper Beech or for a faster growing type of tree? Ideally the trees need to be low maintenance as pollarding and tree surgery are expensive. Do we go for a quick fix or look at the long term enhancement to the village?

Vandalism is occurring in the village, in particular in the area of the Elderbank Hall and the Sports Pavilion. During the last three months the telephone box, dry stone wall, pavilion clock and a car windscreen has been vandalised. These incidents have been reported to the Thames Valley Police. The Parish Council would appreciate any assistance from members of the community into finding the person/s responsible for these acts. Please report any instances of vandalism to the Thames Valley Police on 0845 8505505 and request an Incident Report Number for future reference. Anti Social Behaviour Orders can be put into operation if sufficient evidence is available.

Car parking in the village is causing problems for some parishioners, in particular thoughtless parking on footpaths. Causing an obstruction is an offence and also offensive to persons who have mobility problems, poor eyesight, physical disability or maybe a push chair or are even overloaded with bags of shopping. Your convenient parking place may cause others inconvenience. Please think before you abandon your vehicle.

On a happier note congratulations to the Brize Norton Ladies Football Club who have had a most successful season. Following a good Cup run in which they were eventually knocked out by Newbury, the game being decided on penalties. Newbury subsequently went on to win the Cup and were Division 1 Champions. The Brize Ladies league record of 18 played, won 17 and lost 1, really is an outstanding performance and promotion to Division 1 of the Thames Valley County Women’s League is a justifiable reward for all concerned.

The Parish Council are currently two members short, although the council can still function it makes better representation if we are at full strength. If you have an interest in the village and feel you would like to contribute please come along to our monthly meeting which is held in the Sports Pavilion on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm

Keith Glazier


Brize Norton Village Toddler group is held in the Elderbank Hall on Tuesday afternoons during term time. The sessions run from 1.15pm to 3pm and are aimed at children 0-5 years. We are always glad to sec new faces. For more information please call Christine on 844010.


We are a small friendly Karate Club set up in November last year. We are part of a large organisation that has clubs throughout the South of England. We have both children and adult members who will shortly be doing their second grading. My aim is to teach children and adults self-techniques through traditional art of Karate and having fun in the process. We meet every Sunday between 5:30 and 7:00 pm at the Elderbank Hall and we would welcome new members all year round. So if you would like to see what it’s all about, please come along for a free lesson. For further information, please call Matt Webb on 07909 821030 or 01993 840890.


The church will be open and full of flowers arranged by ladies who are opening their gardens for the NGS Gardens Open Day on Sunday 12 June from 1pm to 6pm. Everyone is most welcome at our ”Songs of Praise” service which closes the day’s events at 7.30pm. The hymns and readings have been chosen by members of the congregation and those in the village opening their gardens.

There will be a family garden party on Sunday July 10 at 3pm at 3 Honeyham Close for the families of all children who have been baptised in St Britius Churcb during the past two years.

We give advance notice that tickets will be available from 27 August for our great ”Swing into Autumn” Dance and Supper on Saturday 24 September. They will be on sale at the Horticultural Show and Cricket Festival on August Bank Holiday Monday when members of the church will be providing cream teas and refreshments, and a tombola stall. To reserve tickets in advance or to purchase tickets after the show please phone Phil or Mary Holmes on 843856.


We have recently enjoyed a meal at the pub and a coach trip to Coventry. Future events include:

Monday June 6  Cream Tea
Tuesday June 21 Visit to Mattocks Roses
Monday July 4  BBQ
Tuesday July 19 Picnic at Barbury Castle


Future events will include a coach trip to Evesham Country Park and Evesham and a Christmas shopping trip to Reading. New members are always welcome, even if you are not quite 60 years of age. Contact Joy Douglas on 842373.


Firstly can I congratulate the 3 couples from the club who have recently got married Diane and Michael, Joanne and Ian and Tessa and Ian. The club meets at 7pm on Thursdays and caters for intermediate, beginners and advanced groups including a social time with tea and biscuits. New members are welcome. We shall close for July and August and start again in September. We also run tea dances, the last Sunday of the month during the winter time. Everyone is welcome to dance or listen as we do have live music some times. Profit from the tea dances of about £600 has gone to local clubs, which include Brownies, Rainbows, Pre-school, Toddlers, Sunday School and the Over 60’s Club. The next tea dance will be held on Sunday 25 September with live organ music. Contact Joy Douglas on 842373


The school continues to be a hive of industry. With the new spring intake we now have 101 children in school full-time. This term is always a very busy one. 

With SATs tests under our belt now, there’s a lot to look forward to. The Year 5/6 class will be going for a week’s residential visit to the Gower Peninsula in June, whilst all other children from reception to Year 4 will have an overnight stay at Hill End Camp in Oxford. 

We’re now well on our way to achieving the Healthy School Accreditation. This takes into account lots of things including our commitment to sport, the PSHE programme, as well as healthy eating issues. The infant children all receive a free piece of fruit each day and all children can buy a cold carton of milk each day. The hot topic of the moment is the quality of school dinners. We are very fortunate in having a superb cook who offers the children a very nutritious menu, often using vegetables grown in our garden. You may have heard on local radio that, as a result of her hard work, we have won the ’Best School Meals in Oxfordshire’ competition for the second time running. Thanks Tammy – it's greatly appreciated by pupils and parents alike. 

Everyone will have the opportunity to visit the school garden on 12 June when it will be part of the village Open Gardens scheme. Meanwhile, thanks to a lot of support from Phil Holmes and Julia Giddins, the Year 5 & 6 ICT club have developed our website which you can visit at This will keep you informed of all our activities and also have reports on our efforts at the numerous sporting events the children attend. 

The School Association continues to provide a huge support to the school. Forthcoming events include a Quiz night on Friday 17 June and the Summer Fete on Sunday 3 July. These are great community events – we’d be delighted to see you there.

Tracy Barnett – Chair of Governors

HORTICULTURAL SHOW: August Bank Holiday Monday

Schedules will shortly be issued to all those who have entered the show in the last 3 years. If you have not entered in the past but would like to this year please contact either myself – Tel 01993 842013 or Judy Gush – Tel 846730. There will be classes for vegetables, flowers, cookery and handicraft as well as children’s classes. (Children may enter on the day).

Chris Thorne

BRIZE NORTON OPEN GARDENS: SUNDAY 12 JUNE 2005 from 1.00 – 6.00pm.

Once again Brize Norton Gardens are open on behalf of the National Gardens Scheme. We have got 13 gardens open this year, along with the Church which is hosting a flower festival There are two gardens which have been open before and have returned this year. The WI are serving teas and refreshments in the Elderbank Hall. Watch out again this year for the Ice Cream seller on his bike. Stop him and buy one. All profits from the day go to the National Gardens Scheme and also local village charities.

The National Gardens Scheme is a nationwide charity which raises funds to help various charities like Macmillan Cancer Relief, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Nurses Welfare Service, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, to name a few.

Also if you are interested in opening you garden in 2006 as part of the village scheme please let Judy Gush know, 01993 846730. We have to let the NGS know by late August of our 2006 entrants.

This is a very enjoyable afternoon to be able to wander around the village, have a chat to people you haven’t seen for a while, catch up on news and have a cup of tea or ice cream. So why not come along on Sunday 12 June. We look forward to seeing you then.


There are repeated instances of dogs fouling on pavements in the village. This is a disgusting and offensive situation which the Parish Council are determined to stop. To the large majority of dog owners who clear up after their animals, thank you! To the small number of miscreants who do not have the decency to clear up the filthy mess left by your dog, be advised, all instances of dog fouling will be reported to the local dog warden, this offence can result in a fine or the issue of an Anti Social Behaviour Order.


Do you live in Oxfordshire? Ready to do something about youth crime? Want to help Victims have their say?

You’d sit on a panel with other volunteers and a professional from the Youth Offending Team and help make decisions with young offenders, their families and victims, by drawing up solutions to reduce the risk of further offending and make good the harm they’ve done.

A Panel Member’s Story - The ’phone rings’, it’s the Youth Offending Team (YOT)........”Can you chair a panel at 5pm next Monday? Its fifteen-year-old youth called Nigel who has been given a six-month Referral Order for criminal damage. He kicked over a neighbour’s fence. The victim is Mrs Smith and she is planning to attend the panel meeting.

The panel is held in a small room in a local community centre. A circle of chairs is arranged around a coffee table. The young offender, his mother, the victim, two volunteer panel members and a member of the Youth Offending Team will attend the panel. Gradually people arrive. Initially, there is an uneasy atmosphere, so the first task of the volunteers is to put everyone at ease by explaining the procedure and reassuring everyone, especially the young offender and victim, that they will all have an opportunity to have their say.

”Nigel, what led up to this offence?.... How do you feel about it now?..... Who has been harmed by what you did?...... Gradually the tension drops and the panel discusses what Nigel can do to put right some of the harm he has caused and what can be done to prevent further offending. By the end of the meeting, a contract has been agreed with Nigel to mend the damaged fence overseen by a reparation supervisor. He will also attend a series of meetings with his YOT Of6cer to address his offending behaviour plus an anger management course. Hopefully, this will be Nigel’s first and last tangle with the law and Mrs Smith feels that her needs have been addressed. So, what do you need to do to become a panel member’! You will need to attend a 7-day training course; refreshments and lunch are provided. You will need to be able to offer 4 or 5 hours a month to attend the panels. You need to have good ’people skills’. You must be over 18 years, there is no upper age limit and ideally, volunteers will represent all sections of the community.

Am I glad I got involved Yes. Is it enjoyable. Well it can be but it is very rewarding. If this sounds interesting to you, then please call Gilly Workman 01865 202218 for an informal chat or an application pack; alternatively email:


I am compiling a photographic record of the church and of church events for our archives. I would be most grateful if any of the residents of the village can donate photographs or postcards, or loan them for copying, to me. I am looking for old ones 6om the 1890’s to the 1950’s. You can send them to me at 6 Butlers Drive, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3QU or I can collect before the Sunday services at the church.

All donations will be carefully stored and the donator’s name recorded. Those on loan will be returned as soon as they have been copied and the owner’s name also recorded. These will form a historical record of the life of our church

Wendy Morgan. St Britius Church Clerk


Brize Norton W.I. meets on the second Tuesday each month. We invite a varied and interesting list of speakers. If you would like to join us you will be made very welcome. Please call Anne Hancock Tel: 01993 824197 or come to the Elderbank Hall at 7.30pm.


All entries for inclusion in the September issue should be received by the 14 August.


Chairman: Keith Glazier (843640) Vice-Chariman: Lindsay Meeks

Councillors: J Cooper, J Bromley, C Dawes, D Kirby, K Shepherd

Clerk to the Council: Mrs S Goodwin, 13 Daubigny Mead (846827)

Parish Representatives:- 

Oxford County Council: Steve Hayward, Bees Pool Club, Witney (703385). 

WODC: Verena Hunt, 2 Rocky Banks, Brize Norton (841853) 

Meetings held in the Pavilion, first Tuesday every month at 7.30 pm, all welcome to attend.


Organisation Contact Telephone No.
The Church Roy Turner 844175
The School Mrs Andrea Moss (Head) 842488
School Governors Jackie Bellenger 844671
Football Club Fred Bellenger 841189
Ladies FC Sam Goodwin 846827
Cricket Club Tim Gush 846730
Elderbank Hall Diane Davies (Chairman) 843430
The Chequers Inn Keith or Jane 842379
Horticultural Show Chris Thorne 842013
Women’s Institute Anne Hancock 843349
Village Association Dave Gardner 843356
Netball Team Karen Parker 846919
Post 0ffice Sports Pavilion Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30 pm
Police (Carterton) Mon-Tue 8.30-12.00 & 13.00-17.00
Fri close at 16.00
Over 60’s 1st Monday in the month 3.30-5.30 pm Joy Douglas



Judo Club Saturdays 9.30 am - 11.30 am Mr S Goddard 772988
Brownies Mondays 6 pm - 7.30 pm Mrs B Thorne 842013
Dancing Club Thursdays 7 pm - 10 pm Mrs J Douglas 842373
Badminton Mondays 8 pm - 10.30 pm Mrs Claridge 843196
Toddler Group Wednesdays 9.30 am - 11.30 am Christine Naus 844010
(3-5 years)
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9 am - 12 noon Christine Naus 844010
Women's Institute Second Tuesday
in the Month
7.30 pm - 10 pm Anne Hancock 843349


The Hall is available for Private Hire Contact:- Mrs Diane Davies on 843430

The Sports Pavilion is available for Private Hire:- Sam Goodwin 846827

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