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St John the Evangelist Church, Carterton

St John’s Church began life in 1908 as a Mission Church to Black Bourton.  It was rebuilt in 1962 as a dual purpose hall/church and developed again in 1994 with a new extension and worship area. It had its own minister in the 60’s and the vicarage was built at that time. There is still a second phase of building waiting!

The church has an Electoral Roll of 158 with service style and attendance’s at Sunday services as below:

8 am Said Communion (1662) 6 – 12
10.30 am Family Service, Family Communion or Morning Worship 90 - 150
6 pm Evening Communion, Evening Prayer or The Ark Service (informal with other churches in Carterton) 12 – 60


All the services are Common Worship and the freedom of the new book is explored.

There is a Thursday Morning Communion at 10.30 am - 7 – 15 and the clergy take a monthly communion service at Doris Watts old peoples home and Blenheim Court sheltered accommodation.

On a Sunday there are teaching groups for ages 3 – 14 and a creche – with between 30/45 children in church. The church music group play for most morning services with an informal and unrobed choir. The morning service will move to 10.30 am to accommodate the new Team Ministry.

The church is clearly Evangelical with bible-based sermons. Fellowship members read the lessons, and take the prayers and also assist with distribution of the Communion. Simple robes are worn at Communion services. There is always scope for initiatives and change.

The Youth team also organise occasional special half days linked to the Christian seasons and each summer there is a week holiday club with an attendance of up to 100 youngsters.  Many of the fellowship are linked to the RAF and the membership of the church is very mobile - in most years up to 20 people can move on! Many of the service people also are often around the world and away from families.

There are strong links with the local schools and the clergy take primary assemblies weekly. There are also visits from the schools to the church, and the church is used for Christmas/Easter plays, Carol services, leaving services etc. The uniformed organisations join the Fellowship at the Family service and often lead the prayers etc. 

There are four weekly fellowship groups, a Friday morning Drop In for mums/dads, a pre-school children and a Sunday evening group for 10 – 13 and 14+ 

The clergy take approximately 50 funerals each year, 4 weddings and baptise 25 – 30. Over past years we have used a local Baptist Church to fully immerse adults.

The Church is recognised as a training parish and we have had over past years a curate in training. The present Curate Andrew Tweedy will move in approx. 2 years.

The church meets it’s financial obligations and has a policy of giving away money each year, home and abroad.  It has a church link with St Philips in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

There is a paid secretary who works weekday mornings.

There are Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches in Carterton.  St John’s has good though informal relations with the Methodist Church and has joint services and other activities.

Over the years the church has done well in relating to community life. The work with youngsters is strong and in a town like Carterton essential. A large party go each year to Spring Harvest and bring that ethos back into church life. We are exploring ways of relating to the un-churched both in the old part of the town and the housing estate. There is a pilot Jesus Video project with the other Churches in Carterton. The music and worship is good and the music group brings a wide variety of hymn/songs. Relationship with the other churches in town is good but needs developing. The Base Padres tend to change often, the RC minister is new and the Methodist Minister also has another 4/5 churches to look after. There are good links with the lay members.

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