The Carterton Master Plan

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Does Carterton need to expand?  Are the conditions right? These are the key questions!


Have your say.   Please complete and return a comment form by 12 June 2015.  The following points should be raised!


  • Few would argue against the need to improve the Carterton Town Centre and this should be the prime focus for development making it more attractive for shoppers.

  • There is not enough employment within Carterton to justify any expansion beyond that in the existing WODC Local Plan. 

  • No further employment land should be allocated until such time as the currently allocated employment/retail land
    is 80% occupied with operational businesses providing significant high quality employment.

  • No further development outside Carterton Town Boundaries should be permitted
     until the West Oxfordshire/Oxfordshire transport infrastructure is upgraded to meet the  needs of the area
    (to include an upgrade of the A40/A34/A420, the A40/A34 interchange, and a new rail link from West Oxfordshire to Oxford).

  • All the 1960 pre-fab MoD housing should be replaced with modern efficient housing, i.e. improve and develop housing within Carterton itself  before any expansion in the surrounding areas is contemplated.

  • Any development outside the Carterton town boundary must be done with proper consultation with the parishes that are going to be impacted, under the guidance of the proper planning authorities.


The master plan does not clearly identify the Carterton Town Council/neighbouring Parish Boundaries.  This is a fundamental piece of data that must be shown on the master plan to show what is proposed to go in which parish.   Here is a map showing the extend of Carterton's own boundaries and those of other councils:

The master plan does not clearly show the location and scale of all the currently approved developments, which should be individually highlighted to show the circa 1,600 houses that are currently unbuilt, but have planning approval, in Carterton for delivery between the now and 2030.    We hope to display such a map shortly!

Carterton will need to provide 18 new jobs every month for the next 15 years to match this level of housing. This begs the question why does Carterton need any more housing over the same time period? 

The master plan presents no data on employment/business history in Carterton over the last 10-20 years, therefore it presents no justification to support the level of expansion illustrated on the plan.  Hard data is needed to justify the proposed level of expansion, particularly given recent trends with at least 4 businesses closing in the town centre in the last few months and the fact that the farmers market in the new town market square has not survived four weeks.  Census data for Carterton shows that over time businesses come and go, but the overall number stays roughly constant. 

The town provides very useful local services and amenities used by residents and neighbouring villagers, but it will never be able to compete with Witney for retail outlets. History seems to suggest that there is little appetite for further growth in Carterton.  Over the last 10 years clothes and shoe shops have come and gone with recent casualties being Blockbuster, Roses Electrical, Really Useful Shop and Giles Toyshop. 

Building more housing will not promote growth just a bigger dormitory town!







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