Notes from 1st Meeting of the Re-convened Friends of St Britius on 9 November 2009



The first reconvened meeting of the Friends of St Britius was very successful with
plenty of ideas for fund raising and the formation of three working groups.

The Publicity Group aims to create awareness of the project within the village
using the Parish Newsheet, further afield the Witney Gazette and the Oxford
Diocese The Door, and to explore a website for giving and the use of high profile
fund raising activities such as abseiling down the church tower and sitting in a
bath of beans!   This group will be led by Phil Holmes and needs more people
to help.  Its first meeting is on Thurs 19th November at Church Farm House at 8 pm

The team to explore all avenues of grant aid - Grant Aid Group - is led by Jacquie Griffin.  Rosemary
Day will phone the Barlett Taylor Trust and suggested approaching both the
Carterton and Witney Lyons for support.  There are many trusts to approach
and more help will be needed in this group.  This group will meet on Tues 24th November at
The Cottage, Burford Road at 7.30 pm.

The Fund Raising Working Party led by Rev James will split into two groups. Members of the ideas
group includes Mary & Phil Gilham, Phil & Paula Abraham and Bob Watts.  The implementation
group, which may overlap with the ideas group already has Jackie Bellenger, Tammy Howard, Ruth Taylor
and Ann Hancock as volunteers.  These two groups have their first meeting together at the
Vicarage, 8 Trefoil Way, Shilton Park on Tuesday 8 December at 7.30 pm

Fund raising ideas include:
In hand already, Paula Abrahams is organising the Sunday Club to make and sell cakes at the
next Family Service and Katie & Sophie Strongman are selling biscuits to decorate at the
Gateway School Christmas Fair.

Those of you who were unable to attend the first meeting will be very welcome at any or all
of the three group meetings