St Britius Church

Friends of St Britius – Roof Project

Notes from Publicity Working Party Meeting on Thursday 19th November

1. Suggestion that if we are asking for a subscription to be a

Friend that we issue a welcome pack to include a picture of St

Britius, to say thank you for joining and to explain where the

subscription will be used, a newssheet of upcoming events and

a chance to buy a Church Guide at a reduced price.

2. Press Arcticles – articles has already gone into Brize Norton

Parish Newsheet for December (copy available at Compose an article

on Foxbury Farm Nativity with photos for the Witney Gazette

and The Oxford Times/Mail mentioning the big fund raise for the

roof. Need to circulate within Carterton and Shilton Park estate

as not everyone reads the Gazette etc., what other publications

are there? (Carterton Community Magazine, Gateway). Also

look at local radio.

3. Publicity further abroad. Can we use people’s connections to St

Britius?, use of the church in the war, link with USAF (possibly

create American Friends of St Britius), people with ancestors

buried in the churchyard, wartime marriages (use website to

make contacts).

4. Use website to promote all of the above.

5. Facebook – Emma is keen to set up St Brit’s on Facebook and

to update, and attract donations using Justgiving.

6. Justgiving would have to be cost justified because of the

monthly subscription (£15) and 5% commission.

7. Provide a brochure of details of the church etc., to sent out with

grant applications (liaise with Grants Working Party).

8. Publicity far each fund raising event, as appropriate, we need a

big fund raising event, ie abseiling from the tower for wider


9. Suggest working party team leaders meet after working party

meetings to compare notes (vicar/churchwardens monthly


10. Brand/Slogan – Suggest “STOP THE DRIPS AT ST BRITS”

with a logo, possibly a cartoon using Rosalie Cox

(, with outline drawing of the church, an

umbrella over the church and rain drops. This could be used for

printed Tshirts, mugs etc. (look at Vistaprints).

11. Targeted material - We need to alert 99 Sqdn to our plight,

James is meeting “Spoons” (CO) for lunch in December as we

will need help to set up a big event like the abseiling.

Suggestion of a 1940’s Dance with the RAF in uniform. Also

print a photo of the Sqdn standard to sell.

Circular to all who have been married or baptized in church.

Involve Brize Norton School in a church calendar for 2011 to

sell around the village and in the Post Office.

Suggestion of large pots or glass bottles in the Chequers and

Masons Arms to make a collection for the fund, and in future

years use Foxbury Farm Nativity collection (already spoken for

this year).

Identify local history and genealogical groups who should have

an interest in our church or its records (U3A comes to mind).

12. Agreed to work on the above and meet again to check on

progress after the other working groups have met. Date to be