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Brize Norton Action Group has written to WODC Councillors on the subject


Proposed Carterton East Development – Aircraft Noise, Light and Air Pollution

We are sure you are aware of the problem of aircraft noise from RAF Brize Norton It is accepted by the MOD that noise complaints have risen steeply since the arrival of aircraft from RAF Lyneham. Brize Norton, Black Bourton, Alvescot and parts of Shilton Park are badly affected. There appears to be no realistic solution to the problem.

Why build houses in a known problem area when other more suitable sites are available?

The simple fact is that aircraft taxiing, taking off, landing and on engine tests all create noise which may be partly mitigated, but will always create a major problem for residents living near by.  Think of Heathrow, if the problem could have been solved, it would have been by now.

The very nature of military flying dictates that aircraft take off and land at any time of the day or night.   Operational requirements are such that engine testing may be permitted at any time, subject to permission from an officer on the station.

Technical studies have clearly shown that the noise levels are unacceptable on the proposed site of the new estate.  Please look at published data, some of which is in the dossier we sent to you.

Light pollution from the base at night it is ever present, why choose to build next to it?

Air pollution is a problem. Compounds produced by the partial combustion of hydrocarbons are complex and can be extremely harmful, which is why we fit catalytic converters to eliminate them from our car exhausts.

On behalf of Brize Norton Action Group



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Adjacent to the two largest maintenance hangars outside civilian airfields in southern Britain. The impact of the noise and light pollution that these facilities will have on the proposed eastern development is significantly worse than the noise and light pollution would be on the western development. Generally housing is located to the West and not East of major airfields as the noise is less, especially with the maintenance hangars being built on the eastern side of the airfield. Furthermore, the new aircraft is expected to be even noisier than the Hercules. [PARISH COUNCIL]


Noise map for stand 53, C130 (Hercules). Pale orange is 70-75 dB and covers almost the entire site and dark orange is 75-80 dB and covers 1/3 of the site. Click on the image to enlarge

Studies carried out by/for RAF Brize Norton can be found here

For example the C130 noise map looks likes this

Click on the image above to enlarge


The new houses would suffer from significant light pollution from RAF Brize Norton- made worse by plans to build a new terminal building adjacent to the road on the current RAF football pitch. BAD PLANNING

The new houses would be subject to significant noise pollution from the base. This pollution is shown graphically on maps supplied by the base. This will only get worse as the base expands and even more hangars and the terminal is built. Complaints against the noise have increased significantly since the Hercules have arrived. To build houses deliberately in a high noise pollution area when alternatives are available is a nonsense.  It is BAD PLANNING AND UNSUSTAINABLE. [MF 27/11/12]










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